Database Design

Almost all organizations, large, small and even start-up are suffering with data issues. Whatever the current state of an organization's data, Appoli can help identify and remedy all data heavy obstacles, ranging from inconsistency, redundancy, inefficiency and incompleteness to the basic inability to locate or identify core corporate data.

Appoli has deep experience in relational database technology. Our expertise includes database design, adding new functionality to existing databases, performance tuning, database migration, and more. The process begins with key data analysis, often finding data anomalies that are not known to the client. We gather and suggest data requirements and then design databases that reflect the business requirements.

Database Design
We can use our experience to design your database, or to consult with your team to make sure your database will have a solid foundation. Database systems developed by Appoli range from small desktop databases to massive distributed databases serving thousands of users. The underlying technology is dependant on the client's business needs and has included everything from Microsoft Access to deliver solutions for both single users and hundreds of users in a WAN environment, to SQL Server to deliver web based applications to thousands of users.

Database Migration and Data Conversion
There comes a point where the limiting factor on performance is not the design of the database, but the actual database environment itself. Appoli has performed many database "upsize" operations, where existing data and functionality is moved from one environment to a higher-performance environment (or from an obsolete database to a supported product). This often involves moving database applications from Access, Filemaker or FoxPro to a server-based SQL solution.

Free Consultation
Regardless of your database need, Appoli has the experience to help you succeed. Please contact us to request a free initial consultation and estimate on your database project.