Exchange Services

In today's high speed E-Commerce world, organizations must be able to transcend their brick and mortar facilities; and more importantly, employees, contractors and business partners must be able to communicate and collaborate from anywhere.

The industry-wide shortage of IT personnel to accomplish mission critical IT tasks is why outsourcing standard applications like Microsoft Exchange Groupware makes sense. These technologies are ideally suited for small and medium-sized organizations where IT staff is either in short supply or non-existent. By partnering with Appoli, IT personnel are free to work on those unique projects critical to your business's success. Work, collaborate, and check email from anywhere!

Success in the E-Business world requires continuous collaboration and workflow. Intelligent and fast ways to manage, share and analyze information are critical. With an Appoli Hosted Exchange Groupware, Email, calendars, task assignments, and files may be accessed from any web browser, as well as from an Outlook client. The organization reaps the benefits of increased efficiency, productivity, and organization without having to hire staff, install equipment or monitor and maintain the system.

With access to our MS Exchange Server, you could turn your old email system into Collaborative Communications. MS Exchange allows you to share calendars, schedule meetings, reserve resources (such as conference rooms and equipment), and to share documents within your organization among individuals or groups. Outlook Web Access for Microsoft Exchange Server enables sharing of information with other Internet users anywhere, at any time. Using the features of Outlook Web Access, you can process and organize information much more efficiently.